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Pinedale Community Choir Concerts Dec. 9, 10 & 11 (posted 12/7/2022)
Scam Information (posted 12/7/2022)
Glacier Hockey Ugly Sweater Skate Night Dec. 20th (posted 12/7/2022)
Colorado River Work Group update – 12/7/2022 (posted 12/7/2022)
Nordic Ski Trail Grooming Report – 12/5/2022 (posted 12/5/2022)
Sublette Commissioners meeting Dec. 6 in Pinedale (posted 12/2/2022)
Don’t become a Prime target for Porch Pirates (posted 11/29/2022)
Wyoming Legislature update – Nov. 28, 2022 (posted 11/28/2022)
Grand Reopening of the Big Piney Library Dec. 31st (posted 11/28/2022)
Volunteer Firefighters wanted (posted 11/15/2022)

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Upcoming Events:
Full Year Pinedale Community Calendar
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December 5: Pinedale High School Choir and Band Christmas Gala Concert - 7:00PM, Sheppard Auditorium in Pinedale.
December 8: Sublette County Planning & Zoning Public Workshop - Purpose is to discuss proposed amendments to Chapter 1 & 4 of the Sublette County Zoning and Development regulations. 6:00PM in the Lovatt Room of the Pinedale Library. Zoom info will be posted on the County website: www.sublettewyo.com
December 9: Pinedale Community Choir Concert - Christmas Celebration through Scripture and Song. Abbreviated performance on Friday at 3:00PM in the Heritage Room of the Sublette Center in Pinedale.
December 9: Winter on the Ice Holiday Show - Presentation of the Wind River Skate Club. 6PM, Sublette County Ice Arena in Pinedale.
December 10: Mountain Man Christmas in Pinedale - Holiday shopping downtown, Christmas caroling, 6PM
lighted parade, 6:30PM tree lighting. Sponsored by
the Sublette County Chamber of Commerce.

December 10: Mountain Man Christmas at the Museum of the Mountain Man - Holiday shopping all day 9AM-5PM in the gift shop, cookies & cider refreshments, beaded snowflake craft, community crafters offering jewelry, candles, blacksmithing, more.
December 10: Snowmen at the Pinedale Library - Saturday from 2:30 - 5:30 pm in the Lovatt Room. Part of the Mountain Man Christmas events. Bring the kids for snowman crafts themed around the favorite children's book Snowmen at Night. There will be cookies and hot chocolate too. This afternoon event replaces the Library's Kids Christmas Party of years past.
December 10: Pinedale Community Choir Concert - Christmas Celebration through Scripture and Song - Saturday at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Big Piney at 1:00PM. Free admission. Cookie and punch reception for everyone following the concert at the LDS church building.
December 11: Pinedale Community Choir Concert - Christmas Celebration through Scripture and Song - Final performance. Sunday at 3:00PM in the Sheppard Auditorium in Pinedale. There is no admission fee. There will be a cookie and punch reception for everyone following the concert at the LDS church in Pinedale.
December 12: Town of Pinedale Transportation Master Plan and US 191 Pedestrian Safety Plan discussion - 5PM, Lovatt Room, Pinedale Library. Public encouraged to attend.
December 14: Public hearing on proposed Doyle gravel pit - 6:00PM in the Lovatt Room of the Pinedale Library. Sublette County Road and Bridge proposes to modify the existing sand and gravel pit by adding an additional 25.4 acres and including a hot asphalt plant. Issues to be addressed only pertain to air quality emissions on ambient air quality. The hearing will not be conducted as a contested case. See Nov. 11 Pinedale Roundup for full public notice.
December 17: Jollyball Jamboree - At the Pinedale Aquatic Center. Coed Volleyball tournament. Starts at 9AM. 6 on 6 coed play, 12 teams maximum. Teams guaranteed 4 games. Cost per team is $150. Creative costumes encouraged. Regular registration ends Dec. 2. Late registration is $175/team, ends December 9th.
December 18: Daniel Community Center Christmas Party - At the historic Daniel Schoolhouse, 5pm. Sponsored by the Daniel Community Center. See the Daniel Community Center Facebook page for more details.

Scenic Wyoming Photos

Scenic photos by Dave Bell

Photos by Dave Bell


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November 25, 2022
Big Piney3.549
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Pinedale Local News

Community Choir concerts
Pinedale Community Choir Concerts Dec. 9, 10 & 11 (posted 12/7/2022)
The Pinedale Community Choir presents their 2022 Christmas Celebration through Scripture and Song. The first will be an abbreviated performance on Friday, December 9th at 3:00PM in the Heritage Room of the Sublette Center in Pinedale. The second performance will be on Saturday, December 10th at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Big Piney at 1:00PM. The final performance will be Sunday, December 11th at 3:00PM in the Sheppard Auditorium in Pinedale. There is no admission fee. There will be a cookie and punch reception for everyone following the concerts on the 10th and 11th at the LDS church buildings.

Scam Information (posted 12/7/2022)
Sublette County Sheriff’s Office
Scams continue to be on the rise and seem to be striking in Sublette County more often as well.

With the recent surge seen around the county, on local Facebook groups, and phone call scam reports, we put together a couple of landing places. This site has helpful tips, and red flags on how to spot a possible scam, what to do if you experience a scam, and a place to list common current scams we are experiencing locally. We will continue to post new scams on social media and these sites as we encounter them.

Places to find the new Active Scam pages:

- SCSO Smartphone App under the new button "Scams and active cases"
- Sublette Wyo Website: http://www.sublettewyo.com/522/Active-Scams-and-Information
- Tab under the SCSO Public Information Dashboard: https://arcg.is/1eifS8

To download our smartphone app today, visit the app store and search Sublette Sheriff or click the links below

Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sublette-county-sheriff/id1528628212

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.apexmobile.am0239&hl=en_US&gl=US&pli=1

Ugly Sweater Skate Night
Glacier Hockey Ugly Sweater Skate Night Dec. 20th (posted 12/7/2022)
Pinedale Glacier Hockey will host an Ugly Sweater Skate Night on Tuesday, December 20th. The event is to help collect food for the Community BakPak program which sends kid-friendly food items home over the weekend to assist with family food needs. Great items to donate include: oatmeal packets, granola bars, single serving fruit cups, single serving apple sauce, cans of tuna and chicken, cans of chili, canned soup, microwavable mac and cheese, cup of noodles, ramen, single packs of raisins, single packs of mixed nuts, 4 pack boxes of crackers, backpacks-new or gently used. The event will be from 5:30 to 7:30PM at the Sublette County Ice Arena in Pinedale, by free-will donation. Santa and his elves will be there!

Colorado River Work Group update – 12/7/2022 (posted 12/7/2022)
Albert Sommers, House District #20 Representative
Hello Sublette County and LaBarge, this is Albert Sommers reporting on interim work of the 66th Legislature. On December 5th, the Governor’s Colorado River Work Group met with the director of the Upper Colorado River Commission to hear a report on the System Conservation Pilot Program.

In July, the commissioner for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation told a U.S. Senate committee that the seven states of the Colorado River Basin must come up with a plan to conserve between 2 and 4 million acre-feet of water in the next year to protect the entire Colorado River system. If the seven states fail to agree on a plan, Commissioner Touton stated that the bureau will step in and impose water cuts on the states. However, the Bureau of Reclamation’s authority in Wyoming is limited to the reservoirs it operates.

The Upper Colorado River Basin states responded to Commissioner Touton’s call for more water savings by developing a five-part plan that includes reauthorization of the System Conservation Pilot Program (SCPP); drought operation planning for the reservoirs in the Upper Basin, including Flaming Gorge; consideration of a Demand Management program; implementing federal funding for water management infrastructure; and continue strict water management.

The meeting on December 5 was intended to educate the Colorado River Work Group on the System Conservation Pilot Program. The Bureau of Reclamation approved the Upper Colorado River Commission five-part plan and will provide at least $125 million for projects that mitigate the impacts of long-term drought and depleted storage. The US Congress is in the process of reauthorizing the SCPP, with the expectation that this will occur prior to January 1st. Water right holders on tributaries of the Colorado River, including the Green River, can submit projects that reduce water consumption to the Upper Colorado River Commission after December 14. Projects for 2023 must be submitted by February of 2023, and contracts will be awarded by March of 2023. This program will pay you to reduce water consumption.

I do not like the tight time frames imposed for the System Conservation Pilot Program, and I suspect the only projects that will meet these timelines are the projects that were piloted a few years ago. These projects included payment for shutting water off early, and this included several projects in Sublette County. I have concerns about SCPP, because it is paying water right holders to send water out of Wyoming. Water right holders in the Green River Basin need to follow what is happening as closely as they can. With poor hydrology projected in the Basin and reservoirs rapidly being depleted, we come ever closer to tripping thresholds in the 1922 Colorado River Compact. In past press releases, I have written about the implications of triggering a curtailment under the 1922 Compact. I think all water right holders will need to become more efficient with their water. Please contact me at albert@albertsommers.com with questions or concerns.

See links for higher resolution version of this trail map
Nordic Ski Trail Grooming Report – 12/5/2022 (posted 12/5/2022)
Mike Looney, Groomer
Nordic Ski Trail Grooming Report, Monday, December 5, 2022, 9:20AM: 3-4 inches of new snow from yesterday and last night. Upper Surveyor, Moose Ridge, and Lower Surveyor all groomed for both classic and skating and should be in pretty good shape. Old Road Trail and Martin Trap Trail, most of Kelly Park and Half Moon Trail have all been flat groomed this morning. Expect soft condition on those trails and you may encounter rocks below the surface; recommend using your old equipment if you have them on those trails. There are a lot of deer in the area, please control your dogs. The road is not plowed yet, there may be some slick spots. All the parking places are plowed.
This Nordic ski trail grooming report is courtesy of the Sublette County Recreation Board.

Related Links:
White Pine-Kelly Park Ski Trail Map - (10.3MB PDF)
CCC Ponds Ski Trail Map - (1.84MB PDF)
Road and Weather links
www.visitpinedale.org Pinedale tourism website (links to lodging, dining, area information)
www.whitepinewyoming.com White Pine Resort, 307-367-6606, (Nearby alpine skiing, food services, restroom)
www.greatoutdoorshop.com The Great Outdoor Shop, 307-367-2440
www.sublettechamber.com Local businesses & services, 307-367-2242

Sublette Commissioners meeting Dec. 6 in Pinedale (posted 12/2/2022)
Carrie Long, Sublette County Clerk

9:00 a.m. Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of the agenda
Approval of prior meeting minutes (11/15/22)

9:05 a.m. Billy Pape, Road & BridgeUpdate on Activities
Rick Johnson – Green River Ranches Bridge Discussion

9:45 a.m. Andre Irey, Maintenance SuperintendentUpdate on Projects
Update on Maintenance Department Activities
Maintenance Department Job Descriptions and Pay Increase

10:15 a.m. Michael Henn, Soil Conservation – Forester Discussion Update

10:45 a.m. Brian Woody, Union – Update Broadband Coverage

11:00 a.m. Clayton Melinkovich, Deputy County Attorney – Contracts
Golf Course Committee

11:30 a.m. Chris Lacinak, Planning & Zoning Board – Request County Email Address

1:00 p.m. Dennis Fornstrom, Planning & Zoning
Partial Vacation and Amendment to a Subdivision Plat, Jim Bridger Est. Third
Dry Wind, LLC requesting a Change of Zoning District Boundary
Dry Wind, LLC requesting a Minor Subdivision
Jackson Fork Ranch, requesting to Amend its Conditional Use Permit for a Guest Ranch

3:00 p.m. County Administrator Job Description & Office Location Discussion

3:30 p.m. NACO Leadership Program

3:45 p.m. Scholarship Deferral Request - Roadifer

Monthly Reports
Payroll in the amount of $1,117,619.53
Accounts Payable
Catering Permit
Emily Paravicini, Treasurer – Bonds
Laila Illoway, Assessor – NOVCs (if applicable)

Old Business / Public Comment

Zoom Link: Meeting ID: 884 4082 3644 Passcode: 809987

Beware of Porch Pirates
Don’t become a Prime target for Porch Pirates (posted 11/29/2022)
The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office put out an advisory cautioning residents to be wary for Porch Pirates this holiday season. "Online holiday gift orders are now underway! That gift you bought today for Cyber Monday or even Black Friday for 50% off could be 100% gone from your doorstep if you aren’t careful as you wait for your package to arrive."

Protect yourself and your holiday purchases from porch pirates by taking these extra precautions:
1. Arrange for packages to be delivered to your work.
2. Use a pickup locker, if available.
3. Retrieve packages from outside as quickly as possible.
4. Consider installing security cameras.
5. Utilize package delivery notifications.

Wyoming Legislature update – Nov. 28, 2022 (posted 11/28/2022)
Albert Sommers, House District #20 Representative
Hello Sublette County and LaBarge, this is Albert Sommers reporting to you from the interim of the 66th Legislature and the beginning of the 67th Legislature. Starting on November 15, I had a full week of meetings in Cheyenne and Casper.

On November 15-16, I attended the Joint Education Committee (JEC) in Cheyenne. Most of our meeting time was spent reviewing and debating draft bills. When a bill is voted on and approved in committee during the interim, that bill will be introduced into the session in January. On November 15, we discussed bills to address community college funding. The funding model for community colleges had not been updated in years, so the committee during the interim studied the existing funding model for improvements. The JEC approved a bill, with my support, that would give distance education classes the same funding as in-person classes in the community college funding model. The committee heard testimony on how distance education classes require the same level of staff and a higher level of technology than in-person classes. The JEC also approved a bill that would require the Community College Commission to submit an inflationary analysis when it submits its biennial budget. Currently, there is no formal way to review the inflationary pressures on community colleges.

Last Session, we passed a bill that created the Wyoming's Tomorrow Scholarship, an adult education scholarship, and we set aside $10 million for the endowment of this scholarship program. There is a real need for workforce development in Wyoming, and the Ellbogen Foundation funded a successful pilot scholarship program that highlighted the need. At the JEC meeting we approved a bill to add $100 million into the endowment account for this scholarship program. Based upon revenue projections for the State of Wyoming, we will have nearly $1 billion more in revenue than anticipated. Putting money into endowments is a good way to save money for the future, while spending the income from those endowments on worthy projects. I believe the Wyoming's Tomorrow Scholarship is a game changer for workforce development, and could have a generational effect upon its participants.

The JEC approved several bills for introduction, including three bills that I brought to the committee. These three bills address mental health services for children, regional cost adjustment for high housing cost districts, and a bill to provide more Career Technical Education funding to districts that value these courses.

On November 17, I attended a new legislator training. As a member of legislative leadership, I help train new legislators. During this training our legislative staff helped new legislators understand what support they have available, how to put in a bill request, and how to operate their new computers. Legislative leadership was there to provide tips to new legislators to help them deal with their role as legislators. We will have two more days of training in January.

On November 18, I participated in the Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce meeting that was originally scheduled for Casper, but was changed to a remote platform when the weather got bad. I went to Casper anyway, because I had a meeting there on the 19th. The Taskforce continued to discuss emerging technology regulation, as it relates to fair chase. The Taskforce approved a motion to request that the Legislature provide the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission more authority to address emerging hunting technologies. The Taskforce also recommended that non-resident license fees for the Big Five (Bighorns, moose, mountain goats, bison, and grizzly bears) be increased. We heard testimony that they are under market value.

On November 19, the Republican legislative caucus for the 67th Legislature was held in Casper. A caucus is a closed meeting of party members within a legislative body to decide on questions of policy or leadership. The Senate and the House broke off into separate caucuses to determine their leadership slate. The Majority Floor Leaders and the House Majority Whip are determined by the caucus vote. The Speaker of the House, Speaker Pro Tem, Senate President, and Vice-President of the Senate are chosen by their respective chambers on the first day of session. The caucuses choose nominations for these positions, however with a Republican super majority in the both the House and Senate it is assumed these nominees will be elected to their respective positions. I was selected as the Republican nominee for Speaker of the House, and I am very humbled by the confidence placed in me by my peers.

The General Session of the 67th Legislature will begin on January 10. If you have questions or comments, please contact me at albert@albertsommers.com.

Grand Reopening of the Big Piney Library Dec. 31st (posted 11/28/2022)
The building remodel project for the Big Piney Library is nearly complete. The Big Piney Library will close its temporary location at the Big Piney Rec location beginning Monday, December 19th and will reopen in its renovated original building at 106 S. Fish Street on Tuesday, January 3rd.

During this time there will be no services as library staff prepares the library building for reopening and moves the library's collection back into the space.

The last day to take home library items from Big Piney Rec will be Friday, December 16th. Digital library items will remain accessible.

The Library will host a Grand Reopening on New Year’s Eve, Saturday, December 31st from 6-9PM at the new location for a public unveiling of the newly renovated space. Enjoy champagne, appetizers, and desserts, as well as an art show and live music. "Big Piney Black Tie" attire is encouraged.

Volunteer Firefighters wanted (posted 11/15/2022)
Sublette County Unified Fire (SCUF) is accepting applications for volunteer firefighters.

Volunteer firefighters respond to emergencies within Sublette County including but not limited to: Structural Fires, Wildland Fires, Carbon Monoxide Concerns, Motor Vehicle Accidents, and Hazardous Materials Incidents.

SCUF is comprised of six stations throughout Sublette County in Pinedale, Big Piney/Marbleton, Boulder, Daniel, Bondurant and Kendall Valley. Volunteer firefighters respond from home, work or at leisure to their nearest respective stations when dispatched for an emergency.

No prior firefighting experience is necessary. SCUF teaches a yearly recruit academy beginning in January each year and instructs new recruits to be able to obtain the following certifications: Structural Firefighter 1, Wildland Firefighter Type 2, Hazmat Ops.

Certified firefighters who have completed the recruit academy are paid per-call at the starting rate of $20/per-call.

SCUF members who wish to further their training beyond the recruit academy may be compensated at higher rates according to their highest qualification obtained.

Interested parties must pass a background check, a driving record check and be at least 18 years of age. (Persons 16 years of age may join the SCUF Cadet Program)

Applications may be obtained Monday through Thursday, 8AM-5PM at 130 S. Fremont Ave. in Pinedale or completed online at: https://sublettewyo.com/401/Firefighter-Application

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WYDOT Web Cam on US 191 by Trappers Point, between Pinedale and Daniel
US 191 at Cora

WYDOT Web Cam on US 189 north of Marbleton at the junction with Hwy 351  - view looking south
US 189 north of Marbleton - View looking south

WYDOT Web Cam on US 191 at Farson
US 191 at Farson

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